Just Eat Is Too Expensive, Say over 60% of Takeaways

It might have been a relatively small survey, but over 60% of takeaways in said survey recently claimed they would prefer an alternative to Just Eat. Big and popular platforms like Just Eat, inevitably, aren’t for everyone – but if the vast majority of your supply chain aren’t satisfied… there’s a real problem.

The takeaways in question using Just Eat say the online ordering giant’s charges aren’t fair, according to a survey of 405 fast food restaurants undertaken recently by Preoday, who offer a free mobile app builder service. All the while, over 50% of these takeaways are looking for an alternative to Just Eat, to combat poor profit margins (amongst other reasons).

Of the restaurants who took part in the survey, on average they paid £725 per month to Just Eat (based on a 10% minimum order commission). Those who paid more, were understandably frustrated; over 80% of those surveyed who were charged more than £1000 per month, thought their fees were unfair.

On another important note – 50%+ mentioned they had seen a drop in sales from loyal customers, who used Just Eat to place their order instead of going direct. One way to combat this as a takeaway restaurant is to set up your own online ordering website/app with a platform such as TAPN.TO, which can even be set up alongside the food portals for a gradual transition.

Of course, there are a couple of points worth noting about this survey. First off, the sample size of the study. It was around 5% of the many thousands of takeaways in the UK that use Just Eat. This is relatively small.

Additionally, the company who sponsored the survey (Preoday, who offer mobile apps), undertook it at the same time as launching their mobile app builder software for takeaways.

These points don’t necessarily discredit the results of the survey, they’re just worth bearing in mind!

Just Eat themselves haven’t chimed in on this issue. However, a representative for the company did state that restaurants on average, see their order values increase by up to 30% when signing up to Just Eat.

So, what’s the future for Just Eat? Well, their success may not be forever – no middle man can survive in the long term if their suppliers are getting the raw end of the deal.

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